• Nikolai Gabrysch

1 Week Brief "Calender"

In this one week brief we were asked to create something from the word 'calendar'. I decided that I wanted to look at calendars which predict when you are going to die. The Maya calendar is said to predict doomsday. I thought would be really interesting to look into in more detail. With a concept for a short animation where we use these calendars to predict peoples death in the future. using an app called times-up which would give 24 hours before you find out your death. I decided to make an animation which show someone who would find this out and try to escape their own death. It was really fun to make I hope you enjoy!


App Logo Animation I created the animation on after effects I thought it was a really smooth and effective way of it forming into a logo. Inspired by the Maya Calendar I tried to modernise its use of lines and structure to create this.

The Maya calendar I tried to think about the circular structure and how to continuously go's inwards.

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