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For my essay this year I have decided to do it on 'why budget films are so succesful'. So Robert Rodriguez behind films such as Dawn of the Dead, Spy kids. Wrote a book about his directional debut 'El Marachi' Which he made for $10,000 and when't on to make $4,000,000 million at the Box Office. Which I thought was incredible! So I decided to read his book and give it a review as I think it deserves more recognition.

The first half of the book is told in diary format and pick up as Rodriguez is a financially struggling student. Who volunteers to take part in drug testing to fund this feature length film where he make $3000 dollars. The idea was to make a straight to video film for under $10,000 for the experience so he could build on his skills and reputation and and then make a demo reel so he could make a second film. The stories from the hospital are great and you get a great idea of how focused and determined he was to make this film. Then we go to him filming the film in Mexico where there is load interesting information about the process of how they made the film.

Then he goes back to Texas and then to Hollywood to try sell it to the Spanish language video market. He ends up going to different producers and with a big load luck-it ends up going to the top tier film festival. The second is about him meeting famous people and so on but the first is really interesting and theres loads of interesting tips.

I definitely would recommend reading this book if you want to make films in the future as it definitely feels like a source of inspiration for me.

5 Star Review

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