• Nikolai Gabrysch

Do you see dreams in colour? (DREAMS PROJECT PART 6)

After painting my dreams for some time now, I started to think about dreams themselves. Specifically do we see dreams in colour? Weird to think about because technically your eyes are closed when you are dreaming so you aren't seeing anything. Your brain is creating these dreams whilst you're asleep.

"Scientific REM studies have proven that we tend to dream in colours, but we do not always recall them. The meaning of colours in dreams is not just indicative of the dreamers' emotional state, but also their personality traits."

I found this quoted from website about dreams, I think it's really interesting that dreams are a reflection of ones self in the present. How they are feeling in streams of unconsciousness.

I thought I would just add this ted talk about dreams. About how we shouldn't just dismiss them as they are more important then we realise. A really interesting ted talk enjoy!

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