• Nikolai Gabrysch

Final Statement

Final Statement

Well, it’s my final statement, this year has been interesting to say the least. At the start of the year I saw myself as a graphic designer. I still do but I think that after exploring animation software’s such as blender I feel much more enjoyment for this. Feel this could potentially see myself doing in the future. I feel like I have definitely developed as a designer and sharpened my skills and creativity. I’ve learnt a lot about myself. Sadly, I have struggled to make many connections this year. However due to coronavirus it has been difficult to get to know other designers in workshops and lectures which I would definitely have gone to. I do think that I’m going email designers and going to online workshops to meet people and make connections. I feel confident in myself and my ability to do really well. The guest lectures have helped me feel comfortable that you’re not going to get your perfect job straight away and that it takes time. I still believe I have a lot to learn I have already started to apply for jobs in the industry as a graphic designer, hopefully I will get some feedback soon. After graduation I plan on working in Chester and applying for design jobs in the industry and film industry and keep updating my portfolio and improving my skills as a designer. In addition to this my portfolio has definitely improved since I first put it together and my website and blog have come along way from the start of the year there is still much to do as I feel that can make it better still. Overall this year has been an eye-opener and helped my gain a lot of awareness and I’ve learned a lot about myself this year through my lectures and modules have really helped my hone my skills as designer and I look forward to the future.

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