• Nikolai Gabrysch

Guest Lecture - Callum Peters

Callum Peters is a UX Designer at BBC Salford. It was really nice to hear him say about his experience of his career and how there isn't a perfect path to getting where you want to go and there will be hurdles. He spoke about his friends and his journey from Chester University. Where he started his placement in London at a design agency, and then in his third year. A designer was giving a lecture about his agency and Callum asked if he could look at his portfolio.

And a few weeks before his exhibition, they offered him a placement at their agency. Which turned into an extended job interview where he got the job there. Which was interesting to see that you need to put yourself out there if you want to get opportunities. However he got made redundant 5 months laters. And ended doing some freelance work for an agency. But decided that, it wasn't for him. He decided to apply for the BBC, and ended up getting the job there. I found it a really comforting and reassuring lecture to listen to and I felt more assured that the way i feel about jobs after University is something which everyone feels.

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