• Nikolai Gabrysch

Guest Lecturer Heinrich & Palmer

Today we had Guest Lecturer Heinrich & Palmer, who are two artists. They have been collaborating since 1991 their work specially looks at exploring landscape artworks.

It was really interesting to hear their stories of things they have worked on in the past. Creating these incredible art installations.


This particular art installation called "ship of the gods" involved using a laser scanner to map the co-ordinates of the ship which they could create into a beautiful light installation. Inspired by the the Norse myth of Skidbladnir, a magical shape-shifting vessel which was large enough to carry all the gods and their equipment yet could be folded up small enough to fit inside a pocket.

It was very interesting and eye opening to hear their project they have worked on inspiring me to think about the possibilities of working as an artist/graphic designer in the future that this could be a possible line of work.

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