• Nikolai Gabrysch

Portfolio Feedback

I felt that the interview didn't go as well as I thought it would. I was very nervous beforehand and felt that I hadn't been very confident explaining my pieces throughly. I felt disappointed and quite put off as of what had been said. I researched the designer who was presenting the pieces me to beforehand. He was very critical of my work. However he was just being truthful at how the work had been portrayed. Was just giving me tips to improve. I decided that I would need to improve my portfolio a-lot. The breakdown of the portfolio was assessed in 50/50 50% for presentation of the portfolio and 50% for presenting the portfolio itself.

​ The points to improve on; ​ Style - The work I portrayed was not concise as to what I wanted to do which made it to look quite weak. I realised I would need to be more concise about my work. More specific. Do I wanted to graphic design, videography, package design. Theres was a-lot of variation.

. Give Context to my work

. Focus on the personalisation of pieces for example for Raw Dog-food Co, the best feature that it was personalised the individual dog wasn't very clear.

. When presenting a piece of work focus more about the aesthetics of the work rather then the story. ​ ​ ​Since having my portfolio feedback I have redesigned my portfolio to make it better. ​ Link here...

Download PDF • 3.40MB

​ ​ I have improved it from the feedback by packaging my designs. For example for my 'dreams book' I had added the packaging to book by editing on photoshop. In addition I have taken a few pieces out and simplified the layout so it is more smooth. Some of the pieces I realise now shouldn't have been there. Theres still much to do. ​ I have really appreciate professional interview, it has really helped me realise the importance of presentation and how I want to present myself to the audience. ​

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