• Nikolai Gabrysch

The Exhibition!!!!!!!!!!!

So I have my exhibition in the next few weeks 11th of may is the hand in.

The idea

My idea inspired by the Dreams Project which I did this year, to recreate a visual animation of dreams on blender. I feel like is going to be difficult but its gonna be good way to learn new skills on blender which I feel will help me progress in my career in the future.

This is my progress so far, as Ive been learning the software. I been trying to recreate a dream where I look into to the sky to see two moons.

this is the progress....

Know I didn't how to create the star background in blender so here is a really easy tutorial I found on how to do that.

This is the proposal for exhibition for video on the wall. I tried to make is a wide as possible so it would be very big and easy to watch as the exhibition is virtual.

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