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Research and getting my portfolio ready for my Portfolio Interview!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Portfolio Interview On March 4th I will have my portfolio interview. This will help me in my future career as I figure out what I want to do. Firstly I need to figure out what I should put in my portfolio. ​ I wasn't sure at first what to put in my portfolio so I decided to research and look at examples of other peoples. ​

I looked at these youtube clips for inspiration and found some useful information; ​ . Show work you are passionate about ​ . Quality over Quantity ​ . Showing work on a timescale can be useful. ​ . Personality ​ . Niche

As I started to look at the pieces of work I was going to put in I tried to accumulate all my pieces so I could choose between them.

These are few snapshots from the Chester Film Festival I created last year, I thought this was some solid poster pieces and videos for my portfolio.

Here is the Dreams Project I've been creating over the course of the year a poster piece and the book. Inspired by the surrealism art movement of the 1950s and the design inspired by Deligt.

Here is the the first pdf of my portfolio I created.

Download PDF • 20.01MB

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