• Nikolai Gabrysch


I've decided to enter a piece of work for the YCN AWARDS (YOU CAN NOW)

An establishment which connects students to company who need help with redesigning a logo, to a campaign for them.

I decided that for one of the awards was to create a package travel design for the Company 'Earth Rated'. Therefore I have been on a mission to create a concept which I thought was strong.

The concept was to create an innovative travel pack design for earth rated dog grooming wipes. So I had recently been learning the software blender, and wanted to use this software to create the design concept. I ended up with two different ideas.

In addition to this I have been learning blender the computer software, so I thought it would be interesting if i experimented with the software to see what I could create because I knew I could create something really nice for this concept design piece.

First Design Concept

The first package design concept, was that it would clip on to your pants or bag and therefore would be easily accessible and the other idea was called the cube. The idea was that the cube would be small and fit well in your bag easy to open and take wipes.

Second Design (chosen design)

The second design, I decided to take further then the first concept as, I felt it would was impactful and simple. I created and short animation of it and images of the design. I decided that this cube structure was more simple and interesting and would stand out in the market compared to other design which are rectangular.

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